Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nail Polish Marbled Hanging Ornaments

Paper marbling is method which dates back hundreds of years and the intricate patterns created by skilled crafts people are stunning.  I've experimented in the past with marbling on water using more traditional materials such as alum and prepared paints.  Even the "mistakes" look impressive!

Have you ever tried using nail polish as marbling paint?  Just regular nail polish will float on water and allow you to do a bit of manipulation to it before it dries!

You do need to work fast though, as well as using a small surface area because the polish will start to dry on the surface within a minute.

Cardstock easily absorbs the nail polish design that you drip on the water, and I've found using some metallic polish adds an interesting, shimmery accent.

Watch the quick Nail Polish Marbling demonstration on my channel Giddy Up Workshop for how to do create these hanging Easter egg ornaments in no time.  :)


  1. Well this is the coolest thing ever. And I love that you cut them out and hung them on skinny branches. Please share at our link party going on now!

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